Monday, July 18, 2016

Stop Wearing White Socks!

Guys, it's summer and I know we talked about this a few years ago, but it needs to be addressed again.
Unless you're at the gym working out or exercising in some fashion, please don't wear white socks.. ever.  There's no excuse.  If you have white socks in your drawer right now, throw them away!  At your age, there's absolutely no reason to wear white socks out in public.. ever. 

I'm sorry to be the one to break this to you, but, you look ridiculous and you can do so much better.  You have so many other options at your disposal that there's no reason whatsoever to keep wearing white socks in public.
If you're trying to go casual and you feel you need socks, try going with "no-show" socks.  They're sort of like a ankle sock, just without the extra ankle part.  If you get the kind with the anti-slip silicone pad in the heel, they'll stay on better.
Otherwise, just go sockless.  Yes, go sockless.  Do you really need socks?  Have you tried it, or do you just 'think'; you might be uncomfortable without socks?  Try a nice pair of driving mocks without socks and see what you think.  You'll look 100x better and my guess is it won't be as bad as you might think.  If you're concerned about foot sweat, try a sprinkle of baby powder in your shoes.  If you're concerned about comfort, try some shoe inserts.  Better yet, pull the sole inserts out of your sneakers and put them inside your driving mocks or loafers to increase comfort.

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  1. What about at the gym? Admittedly, I wear low-cut grey athletic socks to the gym. As for barefoot in mocs - alas I need something to manage perspiration.

    Given that you're in metro Seattle, you undoubtedly had no shortage of white socks and sandals models to choose from!