Monday, December 8, 2014

How To Wear A Vest (Waistcoat)

Last week we talked about wearing non-matching suit vests, so this week I figured we'd discuss how to wear a vest in a more casual way.  Wearing a vest without a jacket is a fairly bold move, but it's also offers a lot of payoff.
To begin with, if you're going for a more casual look, the vest should "blend" with your shirt color.  Heavy contrast like a dark vest over a white shirt reads more dressy or formal.  Even though I'm wearing jeans here, the black & white says dressy.
Pro Tip: Never button the bottom button.
Secondly, the fit is critical.  The vest should fit you fairly snug.  Try sizing down.  Bigger isn't better in this case.  If it's too large, it really stands out.  It'll ruin the look as well as your silhouette.  Dressing up your jeans with a nice pair of shoes along with a shirt and vest is a really smart look.  With the Holiday party season in full swing, it's a way to set yourself apart and show respect to your host.
Here's two more shots showing different ways I wore the same blue vest.
I currently looking for a heavy wool or tweed vest in tan or brown to wear this winter.  Here's a few more examples of different ways you can wear a vest.
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