Tuesday, July 29, 2014

No More White Socks - Seattle Men's Fashion Blog

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Say it with me... "No more white socks"!
Unless you're doing something athletic, there's no reason you should be wearing white socks.  None.  So stop it. 

It doesn't matter if you're wearing your chunky tennis shoes with jeans.  You shouldn't be wearing chunky tennis shoes anyway since we already discussed that here.  You're not 13 years-old any more so stop it.  Even if you think people don't notice or won't see your socks, they do and they will.
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If you're dating, one of the first things women notice are your shoes because shoes say a lot about who you are.  If she's looking at your shoes, I'm telling you, she'll notice your socks especially if they're white.  
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Socks are becoming more and more a way for men to show some personality and individuality.  Yes gentlemen, it's totally okay to wear colorful socks.  It's just one more way to show the world you give a shit and that you haven't given up.
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If you're not into bright colors or bold patterns, no worries.  Stick to the traditional solids and small patterns.
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The question becomes; what should your socks match to?  The answer is, socks really don't have to match anything, but for safety sake, you should match your socks to something you're wearing, or at least get into the same family of color.  For example, if you're wearing denim or navy trousers, an easy match are socks with some blue in them.
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If you're wearing a blue shirt, match to that.  Remember, it doesn't have to match perfectly and it's best to not match perfectly.  Just keep it in the same general family.
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If you're wearing brown shoes, you can also go with colors that compliment brown, like yellow, green and red.
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There's a whole world of socks out there with thousands of colors, patterns and styles to choose from, so be bold and show your individuality.


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