Friday, September 5, 2014

What is a Driving Moccasin and Why You Need Some

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Driving moccasin's (also known as driving mocs) are a current version of the traditional soft-sole moccasin.  They're usually made of soft flexible leather or some sort of soft synthetic leather.  They typically have either large tread pads or small tread dots on the sole extending up the back of the heel similar to a racing driver's shoe.

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They're preferred for long extended drives because of their comfort and flexibility, but they also double as a casual shoe, meaning no, they're not just for driving.  The driving moc is quite possibly the best casual summer shoe out there.  They're typically worn without socks or with no-show socks and they're so versatile, they go great with shorts, chino's or jeans.

Driving moc's come in suede, tanned leather or synthetic leather.  I'd go with suede in the summer or on sunny days when there's no chance for rain, but otherwise leather or synthetic are totally fine.  If you like simple shoes, you can find them in plain designs, or you can go with tassels, buckles or laces.

Why do you need some?  Because they're incredibly affordable, incredibly comfortable and incredibly versatile.  Go check out your local DSW, Nordstrom, Macy's, Aldo, etc. and try some on.  Starting with your first pair, maybe go with medium brown or tan and go nuts from there. :)
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