Thursday, March 10, 2016

Grey Hair Blending That's Easy and Natural

I started to get grey hair in high school and was completely grey in my late 20’s.  I am blessed with a full head of hair at age 46, but it’s been grey for about half my life and I’ve never done anything about it, until now.

I was at my regular salon getting my hair cut and we started chatting about men’s hair styles and grey hair.  My guy, Nathaniel, at La Mode Salon asked if I had ever done grey blending.  I said, “no, what’s that”?  He went on to explain about Goldwell Men’s Reshading and how it doesn’t have any solid color effect and that it only darkens the grey highlights.  I was somewhat apprehensive about it since I didn’t want to look weird with completely dark hair.  
He convinced me there wasn’t anything to worry about so I went ahead with it.  It’s a foam solution that gets applied like shampoo right in the shampoo station, and then washed out in about 5 minutes.  It didn’t take away any grey, but it did change the light grey tones to a darker grey.  It’s subtle and it looks completely natural.  Once it wears off in about a month, I’ll probably do it again.

If you want to make a subtle change, I highly recommend having it done.  There’s a few shades to choose from, so just ask your stylist what’s right for you.  It only adds about $10-$15 to the cost of a haircut so it’s affordable and worth it.

As you can see below, he still visibly has grey hair.  It's just been toned down a bit.  My experience wasn't quite this dramatic, but it was a noticeable difference for sure.

After application:
After 2 weeks:
After 4 weeks:
After 6 weeks:


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