Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Smart Casual - Resort Casual -- Seattle Men's Fashion Blog

It's been quiet here on the new blog for a few days, but for good reason.  I've been tucked away in Hood Canal, WA. being pampered like a celebrity at the Alderbrook Resort.  Fancy dinners at fancy places with fancy people drinking fancy drinks takes a lot out of us, but we endure. :)

The above is a shot of my wife and I during cocktail hour before one of the dinners.  The invitation said "Smart Casual", so since we're at a Resort and it was almost 80 degrees out, I put my own spin on it.  I didn't want to wear shorts and run the risk of insulting our hosts, so I went with lightweight white chino's, a short-sleeve button-up and a light sport jacket.  The shoes are Allen Edmonds.

As soon as we walked in, I saw almost every other guy wearing shorts and flip-flops.  I thought okay, maybe this time I over-did it, but our hosts were very complimentary of our attire and appreciated the respect we've shown towards the event.

I have no problem being the best dressed guy in the room.  It turned out to be the topic of a lot of conversations we had that evening as well as many compliments.


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