Monday, August 4, 2014

Bone Suede Oxfords by GH Bass & Co. - Seattle Men's Fashion Blog

I was out with my wife this past weekend looking for some summer sales.  We're both taking some time off and heading to a resort for a few days, so we thought we'd see if we could score anything new to wear. 

She found a great dress and I got a new pair of shoes (among other things coming up on the blog soon).  These bone-color, suede oxfords from GH Bass & Co. have a blue sole and laces.  They were on sale at DSW for 40% off.  They're obviously summer left-overs so I was happy to see them on sale.  I probably wouldn't have bought them if they weren't on sale because I imagine they're going to be somewhat hard to keep clean.  There's still plenty of summer weather left and they'll be a nice addition paired with lightweight summer chino's.


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