Saturday, December 26, 2015

Underwear - The Good, The Bad, The Sexy

Are you boxers or briefs?  Or are you like Bill Clinton in 1992 when he answered the question; “Both”?
Just like most everything these days, it seems there’s a product for just about everyone.  If you’re still running with cotton ‘tighty-whities’, I might suggest looking into some alternatives.

First of all, the traditional cotton tighty-whities are flat out ugly and don’t fit your kibbles-n-bits worth a damn.  They won’t do much for you in the sex appeal department either.  Cotton underwear also stretches out during the day causing bunching and sagging which leaves you trying to adjust yourself in public hoping nobody notices.  We’ve all been there and it’s not a good look.
I was a cotton brief guy for a long time before going with trunks.  Trunks are (in my opinion) the best alternative between a well-fitting brief and a boxer.  I don’t like how long the legs are in a boxer and they always ride up, even the boxer briefs that aren’t supposed to ride up end up riding up.  The solution… low rise trunks.  In particular, the Calvin Klein Steel Micro Low-Rise Trunk.
These things are the best fitting & performing underwear I’ve ever tried (and no, I’m not in any way being asked to say that).  They’re made from very smooth, ultra-lux machine washable fabric consisting of 89% nylon & 11% elastane.  They’re snug without being tight, the elastane allows them to stretch and they never ride up.  They also come in tons of cool colors.
What women think: Of the several women I've polled, all of them prefer this trunk style over any other style of brief, bikini brief or boxer.  If you’re in the market for some new underwear, give these a shot.  Pay attention to the gray waistband when you’re shopping.  Look at Nordstrom & Macy's, but be prepared to spend about $25 per pair.  It's worth every penny.  Stay away from the outlet stores though.  For some reason the fabric is different there.
For the record, you're not too old to give your frank & beans a comfortable place to be.

If you have a brand preference, please feel free to post it in the comments.


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