Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Denim Jacket for Spring

I've been looking for a good quality, comfortable denim jacket on & off since last fall.
I was at Bellevue Square last Saturday for the Canvas of Style Spring Fashion Show (blog post coming soon) and saw this jacket at Banana Republic.  I tried on a few sizes and settled on the smaller size.  It fits snug, but well.  I don't plan on wearing a bulky sweater underneath it, so I can get away with a smaller size.
Pro Tip: If you're looking for a casual jacket to run around in this spring and you know you won't be wearing anything bulky underneath it, try going for a smaller size.  It'll fit your shoulders better and it'll make you look slimmer & more fit.

A jacket like this can be easily dressed up with a shirt & tie, or dressed down with a graphic t-shirt.  I think this color tone is a good balance between not being too light or too dark.  It fits somewhere right in the middle so it should be pretty versatile. 
I'm wearing gray jeans from the Gap in these photos, but you can easily go with almost any color chino's or black or gray jeans.  Be careful wearing blue jeans and pick a shade that contrasts the jacket.  For example, I'd wear a lighter wash pair because the jacket is dark.
Below I'm showing a few more examples with a casual graphic t-shirt and a solid black t-shirt.  Give the sleeves a roll for a extra jolt casualness and awesomeness. :)


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