Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Seattle Rocks The Runway 2014 at the Paramount Theater

Last Saturday night was the Seattle Rocks the Runway fashion show at the Paramount Theater.  This was the third year for the show and the first year at the Paramount.  It was a superb event in every way that I saw and experienced.  The Paramount Theater seemed like the perfect venue and I hope it’s there again next year. 

I splurged and bought the VVIP tickets for my wife and I which got us a huge swag bag, front row seating and a separate bar area upstairs with free drinks, sandwiches and cupcakes.  We weren’t quite sure what to expect, but once someone told us about the separate bar, we wanted to go at least check it out.  We were then whisked away.  One person walked us about 25 feet to another person who led us to the stage where another person took us back stage to another person leading us to an elevator.  Once at the top, another person greeted us and showed us to the bar area. 

The owners of Icicle Ridge Winery were on hand offering lots of free, very good wines.   We used to be members of their wine club, so it was nice to see them there.  As we were chatting with a young woman we met,  one of the staff asked us if we’ve reserved our seats yet.  We hadn’t.  She insisted that she take our swag bags down to the seating area and reserve all three of us great seats together.  She did.

Once back downstairs, I was seated next to Laura Cassidy, style editor for Seattle Met Magazine.  Pretty cool, right?  We chatted briefly and shared a few chuckles during the show.  I was taking pictures of the menswear portion of the show and I explained (because I was only photographing the dudes) that I was a menswear blogger for guys in their 40’s.  She mentioned that there’s a real need for style advice for older guys and congratulated me on starting the blog.  She seemed pretty interested and wanted to take down my information, so I gave it to her.  If nothing else, it’s just one more person that knows I’m alive. J

Anyway, I highly recommend going next year.  I’ll be there for sure.



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