Monday, October 13, 2014

Lightweight Jacket For Fall

It's fall in Seattle, but you'd never know it.  As I type, it's 74-degrees outside.  If there's one thing I can assure you of, the fall weather will be here soon enough.  It won't start getting really cold for about another month or two, so I feel lightweight jackets during this time of year are invaluable.  It's just cold enough to need some sort of outer layer, but not cold enough to need a full-fledged winter coat.  That's pretty much the story around here until late June anyway.

I recently picked up this lightweight cotton jacket from Banana Republic and I've been wearing it a lot.  They call it a 'Hybrid Knit Jacket' on their web site (where it's currently on sale) because of the nylon shoulders, but I call it comfortable, versatile, well-fitting and just the right thickness for fall.

Sizes run pretty true, if not a smidgen small.  I bought a Medium.
Wear it casually like I've shown here with jeans and a t-shirt.  You can also layer it over a sweater, or step it up a notch with a dress shirt and chino's.


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