Thursday, September 25, 2014

Independent Designer Runway Show 2014 - Bellevue Fashion Week

Last night we attended the 3rd annual Independent Designer Runway Show.  It's part of Bellevue Fashion Week and it was our first time attending this particular show.  It's a show where several local designers all compete for a cash prize.  I'm sorry to say, there were no menswear lines, only designs for women.  It was still a fun event. 

Our tickets allowed us to get in early and mingle with the designers.  We saw a few, but pretty much made a bee-line for the bar.  We ran in to a pal of mine, Kim McCormick of Kimmi Designs.  She's an amazing custom dress maker whom I've had the pleasure of working with on a few photo shoots.  We chatted with her and her husband for a while when one of the designers featured in that evening's show came over to say hi to Kim.  Her name was Tina Witherspoon, a designer at Boho Republic. Her collection was terrific.

Later that evening, just prior to the show, the woman (her name escapes me) who runs the Bellevue Collection Instagram feed recognized me in the room and came over to thank me for contributing images to their "street style contest".  That blew me away.  Firstly that she even recognized me, and secondly that she came over to thank me.

It was another great event in a series of great events this week hosted by the Bellevue Collection.

Oh, and this card from the Bellevue Collection was in our swag bag.  That's my foot! :)


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