Monday, September 15, 2014

Bellevue Fashion Week 2014 - Seattle Men's Fashion Blog

Image from the Bellevue Collection web site
There's a lot of fashion-based events happening between now and the end of the month.  I'm not sure about all of the history with Seattle Fashion Week or Metropolitan Fashion Week or if they were at one point even the same thing, but there's currently no official "Seattle Fashion Week".  However, Bellevue Fashion Week is still going strong and they host terrific events.

As men, fashion shows probably aren't real high on our bucket list, but if you've never been to a good one, you're kinda missing out.  It's a great excuse to get dressed up, have some cocktails, people watch, get your picture taken on the red carpet and watch a show.  If nothing else, you get to watch a bunch of skinny models strutting by and not get in trouble for it.  Seriously though, it's a great night out with your wife or significant other.

There's fashion events and runway shows in Seattle right now, but I only know of a few larger ones.  As I get more information on new events, I'll update this post.  Below are some links and information on the events I know about.

Ferrari's and Fashion on September 20th.  This event benefits The Inspire Youth Project.  Tickets are on the expensive side and I'd love to go, but not this year.

Seattle Rocks The Runway on September 20th at the Paramount Theater.  The Downtown Seattle committee found my blog and invited me to this event.  We already have tickets, so we'll be there.

Bellevue Fashion Week September 24th through 28th.  There's lots going on in Bellevue these dates.  Lots of free events at Bellevue Square and lots of ticketed events.  We've been going to the Front Row Fashion Show for the last several years, and this year we're also seeing the Independent Designer Runway Show.  See the schedule on their site for the full events list.

Metropolitan Fashion Week.  We went to their show last year, but I can't find any news about the Seattle event dates or if they're doing another Seattle show.


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