Friday, August 29, 2014

Two Things You Can Do Right Now To Step Up Your Style Game

Going out this weekend?  Maybe you're hitting the town, maybe you have a date or maybe you're just heading somewhere for a nice dinner.  The following two suggestions can pump up your style game for zero dollars.

#1.  Wear nice shoes.  You know those nice dress shoes that you stuffed way back in your closet that you only wear to weddings?  Yeah, those.  Get 'em out and wear 'em.  Can you wear them with jeans?  Hell yes you can wear them with jeans!
Pro Tip:  If you're single, remember this; Women notice shoes.

#2.  Tuck in your shirt.  Yep, you heard me.  Stop pretending to be a college kid and tuck in that crazy long dress shirt.  It looks like you're wearing a dress.
Pro Tip:  Dress shirts are meant to be tucked in.  That's why they're so long.  If you wanna rock the un-tucked look, go get some casual shirts that are meant to be worn out.

Joey Fatone has it all wrong here and unfortunately, looks like a slob.  Don't look like a slob.



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