Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Are You Too Old For Butt Bling? Seattle Men's Fashion Blog

I get it, you have a bad-boy streak and you wanna let people know it.  You're out rockin' your Affliction and Rock Revival jeans with tears and rivets all over the place, you've got your biker boots on and probably some crazy t-shirt with a dragon on the back.  You're letting the world know you're a bad-ass.

 Above Images: ebay
I've got one simple question for you; Are you over the age of 25?  If yes, you're too old.  Chances are, if you're reading this or even have to ask yourself the question, you're too old.  Stop being "that guy" who looks like he's trying too hard.  Be better than butt bling.

You can still be a bad ass, just one with more refinement.  Dark wash jeans are your friend and some mild distressing like the "whiskers" on these jeans are okay if you still want to show your bad boy streak.  Go for plain back pockets or at least ones with minor stitch patterns.
 Image: Macy's
Image: ytipl
The other great thing about dark wash jeans is their versatility.  Since they're dark, they're slimming (if properly fit) and they transition from rebel to conservative easily with as little effort as a shoe change.  Remember, you don't have to let go of your inner bad-boy.  There are other options.  Just leave the butt bling for the youngsters.
 Image: everydaystyleguy
 Image: Nordstrom


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