Friday, October 24, 2014

Pulling Looks & Styling Models - Macy's Mens Night Out

Yesterday afternoon I met with Sarah from Macy's to go over some of the details for the Men's Night Out event on Saturday.  They had a few small changes in plans, but I think it'll work out even better. 

Instead of having me style one mannequin, they'll be displaying 5 complete looks that I pulled!  We discussed maybe pulling a "Top 10 Items" list and displaying those, but I felt it might be better to compile entire looks together.  I thought showing complete looks would be good because sometimes it's difficult for guys to know how one particular item can be worn.

For example, I pulled a textured sport jacket for one of the looks.  On its own, it's incomplete, but shown with trousers and a shirt, you can get a way better feel for how it can be worn.  I purposely chose blue trousers with it to show that it can be a dressy look, but also to show that it can go with jeans as a more casual option.

I spent an hour and-a-half pulling these looks all on my own and I'm super excited about my collection.  One question I'd ask myself as I was pulling items was; "Would I wear this?"  It was a personal stipulation I wanted to hold on to and the answer to everything I pulled is, yes! 

One bonus from being there yesterday was having the opportunity to help style and fit one of the models.  Every model will rotate in & out of two outfits during the show.  One model came in for his fitting while I was there, so Sarah and I pulled two great outfits for him.  It was great working with Sarah because we both have similar tastes and she welcomed all of my ideas and suggestions.

It sounds like I'll have a table set up near my 5 looks doing live event updates and blogging, so please stop by and say hi.  I'd love to see you there this Saturday from 4:00 to 8:00 at Macy's in Bellevue Square!


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